This set includes 6 sticker stencils 19x18 cm and an applicator card.

Suitable for all paint and spray techniques, also on uneven surfaces and fabric. 
Best results are obtained on smooth surfaces.

Removable and gentle with your walls. 
Can be re-used 2 to 4 times accourding to your surface and paint type.





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Translucently grey dyed PVC stencil film imported from Germany.
Stencils designed, produced and packaged in our Workshop in Hong Kong

Easy to install:

1. Separate entirely the stencil from the back sheet (easily done by placing the stencil, pattern down, on a flat surface).
2. Gently apply the stencil on the surface to be painted.
3. Pass over the applicator card and make sure the edges of the pattern adhere well to your surface.
4. Paint your surface with a stencil brush.
5. Apply a second coat just after the first one has dried.
6. Remove the stencil gently before the paint dries completely.