Hong Kong from A to Z


This children storybook “Hong Kong from A to Z” follows a little girl, named Ayma, and a lost frog, Romer to find its home. In this fun adventure, they discover the places of Hong Kong and experience the city’s rich culture, and fall in love from A to Z! 

Written by Ellen Ng
Original idea & illustrated by Assia Bennani

Language: ENGLISH
66 pages
Size: 21 x 21 cm 
Hard cover

The book comes along with a finely printed bookmark.
In each page, the reader will see the
beautifully hand-drawn illustrations that blend watercolour with digital graphic design.
This book is a perfect gift for friends and families who love Hong Kong, who travel or plan to travel to Hong Kong. It is made delicately intended for keepsake. Recommended for aged 6 and above but also suitable for parents to read to their younger children.