Wall stickers are easy to apply and are designed to be set up by the buyer.
Can be applied to any smooth and non-porous surfaces previously cleaned.

1. Preparation
- Lay the sticker flat on a table
- Pass the M&G application card over the sticker area of the sheet in order for the stickers to be well attached the paper film
- Cut the different parts of the sticker as indicated by the dotted lines in the overview provided in the pack

2. Compose
Before you start, imagine the way you wish to dress your surface.
Make a simulation by positioning the different parts of the sticker composition with sticky tape.
If the pattern is cut into various pieces, you can use the alphabet marks
to put the design together (the letters should be superimposed)

3. Setting

The sticker is small and easy to manipulate

- Peel off the back sheet and make sure the design stays on the translucent film (transfer).
- Delicately stick the transfer and sticker onto the support surface with the applicator card.
- Gently remove the transfer.

Demonstration video by Indya (5y)

 The sticker is quite large

- Apply a piece of sticky tape to the centre of the sticker (the sticker will be set in two stages around the sticky tape hinge).
- Separate the transfer from the paper only on the right hand side of the sticker (all the way to the hinge).
- With the use of scissors, cut the lower part of the paper (the pattern should remain on the transfer).
- Stick this first part gently on the wall and pass over the applicator card (from the centre to the outside edge).
- Take away the sticky tape hinge (it is not needed anymore) and repeat the action on the second part of the sticker.
- Pass over the applicator card  on the whole sticker and remove the transfer.

Demonstration video by Hicham

>> play the video on Youtube