Hong Kong from A to Z


Ce livre pour enfant “Hong Kong from A to Z” relate les aventures d'une petite fille nommée Ayma et d'une grenouille perdue, Romer.
Ils decouvrent ensemble differentes places de Hong Kong, sa richesse culturelle et en tombe amoureux de A à Z!

Language: ANGLAIS
66 pages
Taille: 21 x 21 cm 
Couverture rigide

Ecrit par Ellen Ng
Idée originale et illustré par Assia Bennani

The book comes along with a finely printed bookmark.
In each page, the reader will see the
beautifully hand-drawn illustrations that blend watercolour with digital graphic design.
This book is a perfect gift for friends and families who love Hong Kong, who travel or plan to travel to Hong Kong. It is made delicately intended for keepsake. Recommended for aged 6 and above but also suitable for parents to read to their younger children.